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PEP: Pest Elimination Program

Need bugs, rodents or other pests removed from your home or yard quickly? Keep the pests out with Safeguard’s Pest Elimination Program. It’s designed to keep bugs where they belong – outside of your home!


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Safeguard Pest Control service area covers West Michigan:  Allendale 49401, Coopersville 49404, Fremont 49412 & 49413, Grand Haven 49417, Grand Rapids Areas, Holland 49423 & 49424, Hudsonville 49426, Spring Lake 49456, Marne 49435, Montague 49437, Muskegon 49442, New Era 49446, Norton Shores 49441, Rockford 49341 & 49351, Rothbury 49452, Twin Lake 49457, West Olive 49460, Whitehall 49461 & 49463, Zeeland 49464 and more.

Winter is Coming, and so are the SPIDERS!

During the early Autumn months, people start seeing spiders a lot! Most think it’s because of the cold weather. Spiders creeping around trying to get into your home to survive the winter. While a small part of that is true, another reason for the abundance of our creepy crawly friends is that it’s their mating season.

In fact, most house spiders you see were probably already there. Laying low and keeping to themselves their entire lifecycle. The chance for a mate and spreading his or her genes finally motivating to spider to venture out in the light of day. According to Seattle’s Burk Museum about 5% of spiders, you see indoors have never been outdoors. So how did they get inside in the first place? Most likely they were born inside. They found their way in as egg sacs carried in through furniture or building materials.

Now spiders are cold-blooded but are not attracted to warmth. Most northern spiders, like the ones found in Michigan, have a sort of antifreeze in them that prevents them from freezing in temperatures down to 23 degrees F (-5c). As it gets colder, instead of freezing to death, they will simply slow way down, become inactive and eventually dormant. Anyone from Michigan knows that the temperature will routinely drop below that. That’s why the 8-legged crawlers must also find shelter to protect them from the cold, and sometimes that means your home.

Spiders are excellent infiltrators. They have no problem sneaking there way in your home through gaps in your windows, siding, or roof shingles. They prefer dark secluded areas to haunt such as attics, basements, closets and dark pantries. They also like anywhere they can continue to catch prey, so if you already have a pest problem at home you should expect more unwelcome company during the colder months.

Whatever you creepy crawly spider problems are, we can help. Contact Safeguard Pest Solutions today and talk to our professionals.


Spider Looking


Need a pro to address your pest problem? From bees, ticks, rodents, spiders, and more, Safeguard Pest Solutions can help! Call us at: 


Mice and Other Rodents

It’s October in West Michigan. Time for soup, pumpkin spice and unfortunately, RODENTS!

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Yellow Jackets – Aggressive in August

Yellow Jackets are commonly referred to as bees because of their similar size and sting, but they are actually a wasp.


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Pest Free Property

By now, you’ve probably figured out that eliminating pests is not easy. Eliminating bugs, bees, termites, rodents & other pests require specialized knowledge. Safeguard Pest Solutions has the knowledge to help you take back your property and enjoy it again – inside and outside. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we are trained in pest control and extermination services and are here to help you with pests like: 

• Rodents

• Ants & Other Insects

• Wasps & Bees

• Mosquitoes & Ticks

• Spiders

Quality Services

We are a family owned and operated pest control company that provides safe and high quality pest control. We use odorless spays and/or baiting systems, live trapping and organic solutions to help safeguard your home from all unwanted pests at reasonable rates. 

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Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm & Sat: 8am-12pm

We are easy to get ahold of:  Email  or Call 231-903-0063, we want to help! 

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What people say about us:

Fawn Devine

We had a terrible wasp problem for a couple of years and my daughter is allergic to bees! We tried about 100 other options and then called Mike. He came out the next morning and we haven’t had any problems since! Thanks, Mike! You did a great job! We should have called you sooner!

Michelle Jonassen

Thank you for making it possible to sit outside again! We have a pond and live in the woods after Mike sprayed we were able to go outside again!

Michelle Bellamy-Cook

Mike does an amazing job!! Always on time and very knowledgeable. No more spiders for me!!!


Pest Control Solutions

Pest Elimination Program (PEP) Seasonal Treatment

Need bugs, rodents or other pests removed from your home or yard quickly? Keep the pests out with Safeguard’s Pest Elimination Program. It’s designed to keep bugs where they belong – outside of your home! The PEP service targets the exact treatment formula and rotation schedule needed to keep your home free from pesky home invaders such as ants, stink bugs, spiders, wasps, Japanese beetles and more. Guaranteed satisfaction! If you have any problems inside your home while signed up with PEP, Safeguard will take care of you at no extra costs. And—in addition to this great value, we’ll happily remove any unwanted wasp, bee and yellow jacket nests. Need more than one type of service? You can save by bundling services. Let’s discuss the best pest control programs and services for your needs. Safeguard Pest Solutions is here for you.

(PEP does not include pests that can be carried in by pets or loved ones such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and similar. We are happy to discuss included and non-included services prior to sign-up.)

Our Service Area

Safeguard Pest Solutions reaches out to communities in the West Michigan area. Is your property in Fruitport, Muskegon, Norton Shores, or Spring Lake? We are close by and ready to put our experts on the job. We also service Allendale, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, and Zeeland. These are just a few of the areas we service. Don’t see your area listed here? Call us! We’ll be happy to see if we can make arrangements to visit your location.

Call 231-903-0063, we want to help you get rid of your uninvited “guests”.