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Carpenter Ants

Most Common Ant

Carpenter ants are one of the largest and most common ants in Michigan. Unlike termites, they only nest in wood and do not eat it. Worker ants will however borough through wood with their mandibles and excavate piles outside your walls. You’ll commonly find them in hollow trees and stumps. Sometimes these ants can find their way into your home. Carpenter ants prefer enclosed spaces with excessive moisture conditions.

Common Places to Find

Common places you may find carpenter ants are windows, chimneys, sinks, doorframes or bath traps and in hollow spaces such as wall voids.

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Carpenter Ants Are The Number 1 Ant Pest We Get Calls On.

Preventing Ant Infestations Is Your Best Defense Against An Army.

1) Trim trees and bushes so branches don’t touch your house.
2) Fix areas in your home with bad moisture problems such as leaky roofs and bad plumbing.
3) Paint and/or seal exposed wood construction before it becomes wet.
4) Replace rotted, water-damaged, and previously Ant-infested wooden parts of the structure.
5) Eliminate wood/soil contacts.
6) Remove dead stumps on the property and store firewood off the ground and away from the structure.

The Largest Ants

Carpenter ants are one of the largest and most common ants in Michigan. Unlike termites, they only nest in wood and do not eat it. Outdoors, they commonly nest in hollow trees and stumps. Finding them indoors during the summer does not necessarily mean they are nesting in your house, they may just be coming in from outside. The best method of controlling an indoor colony of carpenter ants is to locate the nest and treat it directly with a persistent insecticide registered for indoor use.

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Common West Michigan Ants

black ants

Black Ants

When a colony grows too large they can devastate patches of your lawn, or burrow into your home looking for food or new locations to start colonies.

yard ants

Yard Ants

Ants can suddenly appear on your lawn if you haven’t taken any preventative measures, and you have well-drained, dry, warm soil.

Seasonal Pest Elimination Program

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The PEP program is custom designed pest control to rid your home or business of unwanted bugs and insects! A professional exterminator from our PEP Service will design the exact treatment formula and rotation schedule to get rid of bed bugs, ants, stink bugs, spiders, wasps, Japanese beetles and more, and keep them out.

Wood Destroying Insects Report

The NPMA-33 WDI inspection is a legal document required by most lenders before closing the sale or refinance of a property, and it is required for all VA loans. It is an official state form used to report activity or damage from wood destroying insects that, for the purpose of the report, include termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees and reinfesting wood beetles. To report evidence of wood decaying fungi, the Wood Destroying Attachment to the NPMA-33 WDI Inspection Report can be used. Only a professional pest control company can provide these reports, so be sure to contact Safeguard when you need one!

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