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There’s a Mouse in the House?

A thorough home inspection will help you identify the type of rodent you’re dealing with. What are they doing, what is bringing them inside and most importantly, what rodent control solution is needed to eliminate the problem?

Safeguard Pest Solutions can help with this! Call us at 231-903-0063 and take your property back from rodents!


We are a family-owned and operated pest control company that provides safe and high-quality pest control. We use odorless spays and/or baiting systems, live trapping, and organic solutions to help safeguard your home from all unwanted pests at reasonable rates. 




Keep the pests out with Safeguard’s Pest Elimination Program. 

The PEP program is designed to keep bugs where they belong – outside of your home! The PEP Service targets the exact treatment formula and rotation schedule needed to keep your home free from pesky home invaders such as ants, stink bugs, spiders, wasps, Japanese beetles and more

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you have any problems inside your home while signed up with PEP, Safeguard will take care of you at no extra costs. And—in addition to this great value, we’ll happily remove any unwanted wasp, bee and yellow jacket nests. Need pest control? Safeguard Pest Solutions is here for you.

(PEP does not include pests that can be carried in by pets or loved ones such as fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and similar. We are happy to discuss included and non-included services prior to sign-up.)


Eliminating bugs, bees, termites, rodents & other pests require specialized knowledge. Safeguard Pest Solutions has the knowledge to help you take back your property and enjoy it again – inside and outside. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we are trained in pest control and extermination services and are here to help you with pests like:

Bugs • Rodents • Ants • Wasps & Bees • Mosquitoes & Ticks • Spiders

Identifying A Rodent Problem

Rats and mice need to stay warm to survive the winter, just like you and me. A one-quarter inch hole is all that is necessary for a rodent to make your home its luxury winter getaway. Once inside, mice can cause problems by using your pantry as a choice feeding area, they also gnaw on the wood, burrow, and nest within your warm insulation, all the while spreading disease and droppings throughout your home. 

The common house mouse is a typical problem here in West Michigan. Droppings, gnaw marks and urine odors are some of the tip-offs that you may have a rodent problem. Even a small infestation can leave thousands of dark colored droppings throughout your home. Sounds and odors are telltale signs that you may have a rodent problem on your hands.


Dropping are the most common sign that you have a problem. A typical adult mouse produces 50-75 dropping each day. You can find literally thousands of droppings from even a small infestation. Droppings appear as small black pieces of rice but with pointed ends.

Sounds and Odors

Other indicators that you may be dealing with a rodent problem are strong, musty odors, or a urine scent. Scratching and clawing are common sounds coming from within walls or the ceiling above or under floorboards. Cats and dogs may act excited at the areas rodents may be present.

Gnaw Marks

Evidence of gnawing is a sign that you have a rodent problem. Rodents tend to gnaw on wooden structures such as corners, floor joists, and wall studs. Cardboard and cartons are also favorites for mice.


Is it time for you to get help with a rodent problem? Email Safeguard Pest Solutions and take back your property. We are available by phone too! Call: 
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